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Love one another.

The advice is indeed in the bible advising to each individual reading the scriptures to “Love our enemies as we love ourselves”. There is not any argument to add to that. We are living in such disturbing world that the idol of “Love one another” is indeed our best cure to save our soul from darkness of loneliness, disappointment and broken heart.

We are all asking the same question why we shall love our enemies after such betrayal!  

Timing! The right answer is the timing to heal our pain. We learn to know the meaning of such strong word to help us to find that peace within us. Of course until that time arrived to us to forgive we have thought of ignoring to let our enemies to win us over. We put our pride as our top priory to everything. We keep telling to ourselves “No way I am going to forgive” “No way I am going to speak to X or Y as if anything did happen”.

What we seem to forget is that our pride can make things worse than it is already. We could lose our best, close family because of our stubborn personality. We could lose of who we really are because we think that we can forgive but not forgotten. Forgiven and still holding all type of anger is not really forgiving. We need to be careful on how we perceive and doing thing toward people we meet.  

Scandalous or facts, it is indeed hard to let our heart softer in short time.

Scandalous or facts, our journey to move on from our disaster past could take us a decade, or even till our last breath to get that peace.

Scandalous or facts, everything seems so impossible to walkway from that hate, yet we keep looking forward to that peace within us.

Scandalous or facts, we can love one another but we just need to learn to let the time to be our best friend to accept what was done is done.

Scandalous or facts, we can’t take the time back but we can make our present a better one. It is never too late and the decision is ours.

When time is right for us to finally to accept to love one another, only each individual can explain the feeling of being light, joyful and the peace that we are breathing. The answer is right inside of our heart. We have to be strong to wake it up and let our wing to be free. 


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